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“we Got Him”
JT ( / Owensboro, KY)

“we Got Him”

'We got him” were his words,
Understood by all who heard,
Cheers rang out and shouts of joy,
As the news traveled to our boys,
Dingy and dirty a cornered rat,
Saddam was found just like that,
No fight was left in this man,
Running and hiding his only plan,
The big dictator succumbed to fear,
Hid in a hole and arms in the air,
Stating his name to save his life,
As soldiers imprisoned this lowlife,
His countrymen cheered at the news,
Happy to end his evil coup,
Starting to believe that Iraq can be free,
Everyday’s closer to this decree,
Hussein maimed, tortured and killed,
He did this on whim and at will,
Now, he’s in his own prison walls,
Waiting on Iraqi justice to call,
Waiting and wondering about his fate,
Knowing redemption is way to late,
Knowing Iraq is no longer his toy,
Brings pain to Saddam ~ And to Iraqi’s joy.

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