Brotherly Love

Many tigers can get along,
Yet brothers most of all,
Beyond the bond that makes them strong,
Regardless, great or small...
Of all the creatures on this Earth,
That roam both near and far,
Heed well when tigers show their worth,
Each one proves he's a star!
Reach past the tiger's eye and see
Kept hidden there behind,
Enthusiastic harmony,
Valued because it's kind...
In families, where love holds sway,
No harm is borne of hate,
Much joy is brought and shared each day
And there to celebrate...
Rejoicing isn't always shown,
Try smiling every hour,
It's simply good they're not alone,
No need displaying power...
Distinguished fellows side by side
Are safe through self-control,
Love's there to bless each tiger's stride,
Each going for a stroll...

Denis Martindale, copyright, November 2013.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Brotherly Love'.

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by Denis Martindale

Comments (4)

Life will never be perfect...only “almost straight”, but we’ll figure out how to work through those problems. This is such an encouraging (all while being realistic) poem.
No robot reading this poem pls, it sounds ghastly -_-
...........profound, interesting and the theme is scary ★
I like this poem