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We Had Goats

We had goats

I hear of the sex and the death
Selection and chosen by cultures
By the will of people
Healthy, sick…

Then I think of my past.

In village, when I lived
We had goats, sheep and beast
A donkey

They were source of income
And of course, comfort, life
Carried load and gave hair
Wool, milk and much, much more
Everything had a use
Even their droppings
Useful soil…

I recall when daddy caught a goat
Or a sheep
Carefully touched belly
And smiled satisfied to find her pregnant.

That meant two, walk in one
Till birth time would arrive
Female meant chance of more
Could sell them for our gain
And male meant raise for meat.

The same, but reverse
Was true in having children
A boy was preferred
Never got pregnant to cause shame
And could work, add to loafs of bread.

That is what I hear in news
But see them in my way

Volcano has cause and blast and
Then lava…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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