Love Sanctioned By God

You were little too brave
a little too bold,
a little too determined;
but when you met me
you sought greatness
you wanted to possess me
you were obsessed by me
I was perplexed
as I was too young
yet I extended my hand
and decided to walk
the rest of my life's journey
with you, with humbleness;
it made so many jealous
it made so many fill with rage,
love had found it's place
in our hearts and not wavered;
and when those years of life
keeps togetherness adrift
through storms and hardships
through victories and achievements
through tears and happiness;
every eye of envy turns green
every enemy with jealousy sleeps
every action yearns to crush
that love to despair
but they never succeed
as man and his wife have to walk on
holding hands thro aisles of time
to keep unity in love afloat
when their love is sanctioned by God.

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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