We Have Been One

Poem By charles okoth

As much a thought a return unto clay to mine’s
merely indifferent,
My heart’s sole thirst is that not the grim death
shalt stop its beat,
Hitherto at a man’s hands begot of clay of which I
am verily molded,
By The Eminent Potter at whose behest humanity
assuredly dwelt,
And of whose dictum to beings was a life bed-
rocked on brotherhood,
In furtherance His revelation that upon his sight
all beings are equal,
That only His Eminence as life He giveth unto man
so shalt He conclude,
That man’s only impetus here below is to love his
fellows with fidelity,
This command dwelt when neither life nor
humanity was formed,
Know thence that from the flower of existence we
have been one!

My morning star who solely for eternity real love I
avowed to bestow,
Think you not my graciousness that when we
knew thence we fused,
That through the flares of flesh upon flesh is
whence our blood mixed,
Remember that once a time a mosquito bit you
while you slumbered,
And thence traveled north to my dwelling and my
very blood it sucked,
Such that within the insect's belly yours and mine
blood were hence mixed,
Only sensible men have wives and those
espoused are considered fools,
Let’s love purely the old African way and upon
currency dwell not our souls,
'Cause ere your mortal mine was known by blood
each other we beheld,
Hence from the sands of such times we have
been one my love!

You men from the foot of Kirinyaga whose
enemies verily we are supposed,
Think you not that every moon our diversity shalt
cast us into belligerence,
That since your talk is lash and mine is longed we
can’t chat with conscience,
Do recall that time when your wind was
constrained and at death’s bed you lay,
Then my lungs released wind which was thence
carried to your very nose’s way,
Thus when the gates of doom were giving you
way my very wind gave you life,
Such that verily upon my breath you rose thence
and prolonged your life was,
Shouldn't your heart’s banks burst and be rightly
fortified by love upon my sight,
Shouldn't you cast away your weapons and upon
mine smother kisses and hugs,
Be it known that by that very wind I dispensed to
you we have been one!

To you Jezebel upon whose bed and bosom many
a men espoused have fallen,
Think you not that by your winsome looks and
strong fragrance I will be drawn,
Think you not that I will dance to the songs from
your red lips and sweet voice,
Think you not you evil witch that I will easily be
drowsed by your charm offense,
Think you not you queen of doom that by your
gifts shalt I be so easily enticed,
Be you informed of a soul betrothed to me whose
love is unfettered and flawless,
Be it known to you that mine and hers is a bond
deeply rooted like the Mugumo,
Beware that severally drawn purely by affection
we have intimately intercourse,
Such that her blood and mine by that very
knowing of flesh cannot be distinct,
Thus never shall we be divided 'cause we have
been one till eternity!

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