QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

We Have Experience Thats Almost The Same

No i have not experienced the experience you did, neither did i have to live the life you live-we have experience thats almost the same

i made the same choice you did hoping that the people that know me would still feel for me the same way they always did-we have experience thats almost the same

I've had my moments to be judge even before i made my final decision- just know your liven the same life I'm liven.

I saved myself from your bad experience, i feel so bad that you didnt but just know i'm hear when you need someone to listen-
just because we have experienced thats almost the same

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It's amazing. It's because we are the same that we can share and it's because we are different that we have something to give and receive. Our is found in your.
Your generosity in reaching out and helping always shines through - 'just know i'm hear when you need someone to listen'. Nice play on words: i'm hear (already listening) rather than i'm here to hear (listen) .
wow! ! ! thank you sooo much! ! as soon as i started reading it i started to cry! ! that touch me. thanks a lot i love it eboni