(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

We Have To Be Receptive

Do you ever find a time
When you hurt so much inside
And you need to find a way
To take your problems all in stride?

Sometimes it is very hard
To know just what to do
‘Cause you feel that everyone you know
Have not been true to you

The sadness kinda festers
And the good gets ultimately lost
But we have to put it all aside
Remember Jesus on the cross

And just what God must have felt
When he chose what he had to do
To make life so much better
For me and yes, for you

He gave up his only son
It’s so difficult to envision
Having to sacrifice
One of your children?

Well, we just couldn’t do it
We would give our life instead
And God doesn’t expect it
It’s not something we have to dread

The little things don’t matter
But when you put it in perspective
God tries to tell us all the time
We just have to be receptive!

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