(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

We Have To Come Up With Something Quick

Get Godzilla on the phone!

'We're trying to negotiate.
But even he says he will not take the blame,
For that kind of destruction we wish.
Not for the fees we promise.'

We have to come up with something quick.
This whole terrorists thing is beginning to bore!
Especially when tourists are flaunting their Euro spending,
In New York City!
Our deception plans are unraveling before our eyes.
Who else is on that list that captivates imaginations and fear?

'Bin Laden?
We know more about him and can not find him at all.
And Barack Obama was born right here...
Under a microscope.
And people are becoming scared to death of his truth!
And some minister who tells it like it is! '

We don't need anything that frightening!
Get Godzilla back on the phone!
Tell him we will make his next appearance 'spectacular'

He is requesting Steven Spielberg to direct! '

Steven is out of the picture.
He has been selected to do the campaign ads for Obama!
What are we going to do?

'Perhaps we can get Janet to expose her breasts?
That brought the entire nation to its knees! '

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