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We Have To

How do I say goodbye without making you cry?
How do I give up on our love,
and leave you wondering why?

How long will it take me to try and love again?
How will I ever trust someone,
without remembering when?

You didn't try to hurt me, thats all you can say.
But little did you know,
you do it everyday.

I don't want to do this anymore than you.
But honey, the time has come to say 'it's through'!

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immense courage here to say the words when the heart yearns for that closeness which gives the world meaning and harmony and beauty but when the moment had concluded the final effort honesty is the only redemption possible keep up the good work
this is a good one, and i think it was written out of pain becuase the words are so slow and touching. Though it is the power of inspiration, and you did very well.