It's May and the hawthorns are in bloom
Covered in their fragile blossoms of attractive white
The flower filled meads scent of a sweet perfume
And thrill the nostrils with Nature's delight.

And oh the coolness of a May time shower
Gently driven by a Summer breeze
Bringing fresh vigour to each blooming flower
And making greener still the grass and trees.

And then the rain to the sun quietly give way
The sky turn brighter and the rain cloud pass
The fair hued butterflies come out to play
And flutter gaily o'er the rain soaked grass.

Oh how we long for May the Summer queen
And for the splendid beauty that she bring
For lovely vales predominantly green
And leafy groves where joyful song birds sing.

But alas May will quickly fade to June
As June days quickly fade into July
And all the flowers today that are in bloom
Will in a few months shrivel up and die.

Hope I will live to see next Summer's May
And hear again the wandering cuckoo's call
For like the flowers brief is the human stay
We come and go as roses in the Fall.

by Francis Duggan

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