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We Kissed The Horizon
BF ( / Kirkland, Washington)

We Kissed The Horizon

Poem By Barbara Fuller

Time does fade the clarity
Of a memory. Without exception
Even those of love lost. But
The trace of what was yesterday
Still manages to rekindle the
Hearth within the soul.

Those days, so long ago were
The breath of life. No kiss
Was ever sweeter. No touch
Was ever more comforting.
Love was to be and not to be, all
In the same instant.

Passion and pain. You can not
Have either without the other.
But what does it matter. If,
In one brief moment, your hearts
Beat together as one. Free spirits
Daring to dance on the sea, and
Kiss the horizon.

We did. We danced on the sea and
Kissed the horizon. Darling,
That, has made all the difference.

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