We Leave Them To Their Fate

No Australian or foreigner died in the Baghdad bomb blast yesterday
In the tragic news headline story were they trying to say
That the lives of Iraqi people are not as valuable as ours
In human terms are they the weeds that grow amongst the flowers?

The more I ponder on such stories the more I realize
That us so called fair minded people believe in our own lies
When we talk about equality to our own kind we relate
As for them they are foreigners we leave them to their fate.

We use words such as our troops as if we only count
As if the lives of our so called opponents to nothing does amount
For their deaths we use the words collateral damage how insulting can we be
And then we have the cheek to talk of our humanity

We talk of them as the enemy though our enemies we help to create
And in the bombing of their Cities what have we to celebrate?
We bring to them great misery yet them we do not know
And with every bomb that's dropped on them their hatred for us grow.

No Australian or foreigner died in the Baghdad bombing what are they trying to tell me?
That their lives are not as important as our lives are with which I do not agree
The Iraqi mother weeps for her dead son his blood was red like ours
And yet to us he was the weed that grew amongst the flowers.

by Francis Duggan

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