We Live For Awhile

We live for awhile and then return to Nature when to the reaper's deadly scythe we fall
The haves and have nots share one thing in common in that they die we are mere mortals after all
No man or woman born to live forever Mother Nature is the only immortal of which I know
She is the one who gives life to the Seasons and us mere mortals to life come and go
Arrogant one you will not live forever like rose of Autumn you'll wither to time
You still are quite young in your early forties just one over a decade now beyond your prime
Your three children a high class private school attending you've bought a new mercedes for your wife
Your late father a billionaire left you his fortune you've only ever known of the good life
You drive around in your new silver mercedes and with your wealthy mates you wine and dine
You only go to the most expensive restaurants and you only drink the most expensive wine
Yet like me you are just another mere mortal despite the money you accumulate
Like me you have a time limit on you we all are branded with a use by date
We live for awhile and then go back to Nature in that respect you are no different to I
For you and I were born out of woman and you and I are destined for to die.

by Francis Duggan

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