We Live In A Democracy

We live in a democracy but is it not strange
That the political party last year elected by the majority of the voters you now wish to change
And for your next opportunity for to change them you must wait for two more years
And even the very thought of this does have you close to tears

The governing parties in the ruling of the Country have the big say
Since the majority of the voters voted for their candidates on election day
Government for the majority does work in this way
Years of disappointment the price the losing parties and their supporters do pay

The new government leader on election night thanks the people and lauds his party for a job well done
And promises that his government will legislate for everyone
Words the voters of the losing parties do not wish to hear
Since their disappointment is obviously clear

In politics as in life the winners take all
Of the plaudits and the names of the losers none wish to recall
And though we live in a democracy is it not strange
That you and many others would feel so happy if only the last election results you could change.

by Francis Duggan

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