We Live In An Age When The Men And Women Of Rhyme

We live in an age when the men and women of rhyme
Will not be remembered beyond their lifetime
Times as ever changing and few things do last
And tomorrow today it will be of the past

Though despite the best efforts to kill it off by the literary critics rhyme is not dead
And who knows it may become popular again in the decades ahead
And long after the life from the last twenty first century literary critic has gone
Rhyme as the source of song it will be living on

By literary critics who graduated from uni with literary degrees we are told
That rhyme does belong back there in the days of old
It is they who decide who or who is not a poet
Or who is even worthy of the title of one of minor literary note

Those who claim that rhyme in the long gone decades belong
Though they think they are clever have got it all wrong
Decades ago their sort did say that rhyme would not survive
But in centuries from this day it will be read, sung and recited and very much alive.

by Francis Duggan

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