We Live In An Age When Wars

We live in an age when wars and rumors of war are rife
But one fight worth fighting for is the fight for life
The fight for to live for as long as you can
Should apply to every girl and boy and every woman and man

Leave it to patriots and nationalists the praises of dead war heroes to sing
But of all of humanity's gifts the great gift of life is the most important thing
The will is in most people for to live on
Even though their best physical years are in the long forever gone

The gift of life is worth fighting for as the one true just fight
To live till you die by Nature's law should be everyone's right
As a gift the gift of life does not have an equal to say otherwise would be telling a lie
A gift we do lose on the moment we die

We live in an age when so called successful people are admired
And impressionable people to be like them do feel inspired
And though they may be quite gifted in some ways as most would agree
We all share the greatest gift is how it seems to be.

by Francis Duggan

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