We Make Heroes

We make heroes of people who drive fast in cars
And of elite sports people and entertainers and famed movie stars
And people famed for their material possesions and money we do celebrate
On so doing big egos in them we create

Yet the woman or man who is kind to the poor aged person next door
We never look up to and even tend to ignore
The kind and compassionate are the anonymous in the Human World of today
And this seems a rather sad thing for to say

We become a reflection of those we look up to and admire
And our need to be like them in us becomes a desire
It is the admiring majority in Countries Worldwide
Who help for to uphold the social divide

Yet ifyou help people who in life are doing it financially tough
Then as a person you are living one can say quite good enough
Every day for your future good Karma you plant the good seed
By helping those of your helping in need.

by Francis Duggan

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