We Meet Them Again

Old memories can give rise to nostalgic tears
When they take us back the Seasons to the long gone years
The boys and the girls of your childhood where are they today
They too have grown older none young ever stay

Long before time it did become your foe
You played childhood games with them in the schoolyard years ago
But childhood years passed quickly time seems to go fast
And memories are all we have left of the past

We all have our journeys in life for to make
And we learn from the past and our every mistake
And some time for our lack of prudence a big price to pay
But we learn as we live life works in this way

The memories of young love despite passing time we retain
And in the mind in visualizations comes to life again
Despite time's erosion of decades long gone
Fond memories of first love in the mind lives on

We live in the now and time is ticking fast
And our memory is our only link to the past
Of our childhood friends mental images we retain
And in our visualizations we meet them again.

by Francis Duggan

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A beautifully crafted composition, Francis.....10+++++++++