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We Meet
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We Meet

We meet. Beginning is always hardest, always
What we know. Threaded in tiny cotton tightness
As if it were forever so, as if the world nerve
Connected us from birth. The drink you buy me
Goes down quickly, I never notice till the ice
Clinks teeth, on glass. Someone makes sentences,
I say I cannot stand pretence, that I love to read,
That I hate, I desire, I wish, going unrealised,
It’s is only ever afterwards. The pressuring
Clinical sex the darkness seems to offer in its
Manufactured colour. Its bored atmosphere
Created as a coin drops, the consequences
Of streamers, of balloons, waving a tsunami,
An aerial assault audio army. I find us futures
In slept in beds. I see your face up close, think
Of removing your shirt, our private talk, of
Touching. The ice chinks, the glass is solid on
The countertop. It distances, trembles the edges
Of these places. Can you? Forever, for all time,
Anew? Denser than smoke, harder than starting,
And no less untrue.

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This is very GOOD! Well done!