We Must Be Warlike Kind

It is said that human beings learn from past mistakes in war this is not so
The war supposed for to end all wars was fought near a century ago
And yet war is being waged in the twenty first century
That most of us human beings are warlike kind is how it seems to me
We must be warlike kind how else can one explain
That many of the young people of today are prepared to fight in wars again
Are prepared to fight and even die for the love of a Nation's flag
To have fought in a war it does seem is seen as worthy of a brag
But even victory in war always comes at a huge cost
How can there be a winner where so many human lives are lost?
That we do learn from our past mistakes in war does seem a lie
Today in wars created by ageing males the young do fight and die
The returned war heroes home to a huge victory parade
Of suffering, tears and of death human history is made.

by Francis Duggan

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