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We Must Live By
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We Must Live By

Poem By Francis Duggan

We must live by our decisions and the life choices we do make
For life is educational we learn from our every mistake
Our mistakes may cost us financially and our mistakes they may cost us a friend
And life itself a learning process from the day we are born until our span of time end
We must live by our decisions though for our mistakes in some way we do pay
In life there are so many lessons and we learn something new every day
Words spoken in deceit can cause damage and damage once done to a reputation is hard to repair
And when reputations are damaged by falsehoods the cross on the victim can be heavy to bear,
Those who make the mistake of falsely damaging one's reputation in the long run themselves only deceive
They do not know the laws of karma where what we sow we do receive
Mistakes in our business transactions financially can leave us in the red
But from our mistakes we should learn for future decisions ahead
For we must pay for our mistakes and the price it can be huge to pay
Life it surely is a learning process and it has always been this way.

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