We Must Return To Nature

In her dark and earthy bosom forever I will lay
For I'll return to Nature I know I will one day
Like everyone before me that will be my destiny
For I'm one more mere mortal there's a use by date on me
I have lived through many Seasons and my better days long gone
And 'tis only my great lust for life that keeps me keeping on
If I should die tomorrow say only this of me
He was one who loved Nature though many such as he
From the Townland I was raised in I do live far away
And perhaps I'd feel a stranger in my old home today
We all enjoy our good times and know of times of inner strife
And we have our good and bad days as we journey on through life
And one day we must return to Nature since we are born to die
And in that respect the monarch and the president are no different to you or I.

by Francis Duggan

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