JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

We Must Teach Peace

When Life no longer has a meaning,
When I cannot aspire to what HE’s made,
When I do not look in awe at this World,
I know I must end this tirade.

For each day brings new surprises,
Old views take on new charms,
Past scenes become more appealing,
We must embrace each day with open arms.

No Day should seem bleak and dreary,
Our Mind must open to all that’s good,
Sour feelings are bad for the good life,
We must live as we all should.

There should be no room in Life for Depression,
Life is wonderful to live,
Wake UP! ! See what HE’s given us,
Make Friends, and with Enemies Forgive.

We were all created as equals,
At Birth, none was different from each,
Why now must we be different?
Peace To Humanity, we must all teach.

© Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 22 January 2006

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I agree with the sentiment of your poem wholeheartedly Johnathon, the problem is, the should word, if we replaced it with 'could' humanity would not feel pushed, so to speak. Forgiveness of other and more so, ourselves, is much harder said than done, but if we practice. It becomes easier! Just like all things in life. 10 from smiling at you, Tai