MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

We Need A Friend

Columbus sailed around the earth
When people thought it flat
Today they say Christ’s second birth
Is from a Christian hat

The two are not so far apart
The people then and now
A few bid Jesus in their heart
The masses don’t know how!

Some think the bible is a lie
The virgin birth untrue
Others believe Christ came to die
As rumoured from the few

The die of doubt has long been cast
To fools is Satan guide
Though knowledge has become so vast
Man’s heart is full of pride

From far away God sees the proud
To self their knees but bend
For shame they wear the devil’s shroud
In which they’ll find their end

For man to win life’s awesome race
We’ve sin and death to beat
We need the sanctity of grace
That’s found at Jesus’ feet

When Hillary climbed earth’s highest mount
Upon it’s crest to stand
First Everest took the final count
When Tenzing stood to hand

We need a helping friend today
Before we turn to dust
Through Christ God’s Lamb we’ve found the way
When God alone we trust.

by Michael P. Johnson

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