We Need A Gap

Lot of Gaps developed,
And Distance too with that,
Gaps that cannot be filled,
Distance that cannot be measured;

I had too much of You,
And You had too much of Me;
Vexed up us both are,
With Each Other,
With too little space between us;

The space wasn't enough,
To Breathe or feel 'One Self';
The distance so close,
Can't look each other in Eyes;
It was always 'Us' both,
Like Milk & Water mixed;
Never 'My Word' or 'Yours',
Far too much of a compromise,
We both had together;

We need little Gap,
We need a bit of Distance;
A Gap that can be filled,
With our 'Breaths';
A Distance from where,
We both can hear and,
Truly feel our 'Heart Beats';

We need a Gap & a Distance,
From where we both,
Can see & love each other,
Being 'One Self' each,
As ‘Two' different People!

by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda

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Naga, such a good write...10++++