We Need A World Leader

We need a World leader who will speak out and say
Enough is enough of hatred and war there is another way
To make a more peaceful World the hungry we must feed
We will set the good example as war to terrorism only lead.

We need a World leader who from others does think differently
Who will say we must declare a non violent war on hunger and poverty
If we feed the hungry and shelter the homeless us they will not despise
And we will make friends not enemies and peace will be our prize.

We need a World leader before it is too late
Who will say we've had enough of mistrust that only leads to angst and hate
We will spend less money on war planes, bombs and guns we will take a different course
We will spend our surplus finances on the poor and remove our threat of force.

We need a World leader who will swallow his pride
And say the blame for the mistrust is not all on the other side
And meet the enemy face to face and allow them to have their say
War only gives rise to terrorism but there is another way.

by Francis Duggan

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