We Need It For Survival

We need it for survival that's how it does appear
The bravest of people have in them some fear
The few born without fear destined to die young
And little use to them if their praises are sung

He or she are foolish not brave who drives too fast in a car
Or chooses for to swim where big crocodiles are
Such people may not plan for a long life for themselves ahead
Most of those who dice with death by their thirties long dead

By a bugler at the grave of the brave young soldier the last post is played
But he did not march in the town in the war victory parade
And he does not hear when his praises are sung
Many of the fearless have been known for to die young

The good do die young or so we are told
But i know of many good people who have lived to grow old
One reason for their long lives is that they did not lack in fear
And that without it they would have died younger seems abundantly clear.

by Francis Duggan

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