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We Need To Get Away
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

We Need To Get Away

Have I told you lately
how good you smell
when the shower
finally spits you out?

I can't remember the last time,
but it doesn't surprise me,
considering how much time
we actually spend together
these days.

I do know I remember
how intense we used to be.

We need to get away somewhere,
just the two of us,
before the ruts get any deeper
in this marital highway.

Let's go,
before 'talking dirty'
really means:
'If you have a light load going in,
don't forget my pj's
on the back of the bedroom door...'

Before 'wanna catch a quickie? '
really means:
'I'm pooped. Wanna take a nap...? '

Before 'Oh God, I'm coming! '
actually means:
'Don't nag, I'm almost ready!
Go and start the car...'

Let's go somewhere, while
'Honey, that was fantastic! '
still means more than
a Sunday Scrabble win...

It's not too late.
I still remember.

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Comments (2)

LOVE...THIS...POEM! Damn good job, girl! S
*smokes* now that was fantastic. Nice one, man.