We Need To Start Speaking Our Minds

We need to start speaking our minds. I was talking to my mother some time back and was discussing with her some of the things I was going through with my neighbors, some of the vicious things they were doing to me. And I said to her, ''Why am I suffering? They're the ones doing the evil. I'm innocent...'' I may have said the specific names of the people, or referenced them by ''he or she'', but basically that's what I said. And to my amazement very recently I heard Terry Crews, who had been a victim of sexual assault, say the very same thing. And for that I want to say to him, ''Thank you! '' Somebody understands me. Although I was not sexually assaulted by anyone, still my neighbors have done some very cruel things to me. But because things have been done so surreptitiously, it's really nothing I can do about it. But just speaking on the situation helps liberate me. I've found many ways to cope with the situation. One of those things is reading. It helps keep my mind occupied. And reading helps me find the words to better express myself.

by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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