We Never Met But You Were Loved

Mommy's belly had started to show
Inside mommy you had begun to grow
But even then mommy didnt know
Cause mommy never had a regular flow

The doctor said that it was common
That there were many cases like hers
That she shouldn't blame herself
But to mommy those were empty words

Cause mommy didnt believe them
No mommy didnt want to hear
That you who once grew in her womb
Were no longer there

And mommy was so sorry
And to this day mommy still is
Mommy should have known
Mommy makes no excuses

Sometimes mommy meets you in her dreams
You have almond eyes like daddy
Your innocence gleams

Your skin is painted milk chocolate
Your nose is long and thin
Your smile is radiant

Those nights mommy cries
Those nights daddy holds her
Those nights mommy comes to my room
And tells me how special i am to her

But what mommy really wants
Is to tell you That you were special
And that you were loved
You were mommys first girl

Thank you for playing with me
Tonight in my dream
Remember what I've said
And dont forget to visit mommy

by Portia Lane

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This is so sad and has touched my heart. Do have a look at my poetry. Your comments will be appreciated