Sometimes it appears as if none of us alive
Fear and uncertainty and suspicion
And poision-bedaubed knives
Our all times neighbours
Put on hoodwink, chew dry wood
And drenched in little munificint showers
To save sknning the back...

Morning rolls to the evening hours.
Ultimate result of the action
Passing charcoal-stool and fetid urine
Though think projection and revolt not farce


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We play at paste, Till qualified for pearl- -Great poem- -congrats- -
When one have the power to do good one does wrong and engage s oneself to imitate neglecting uniqueness.... anyway agreat Poet who mainly deals with death, a proud one for America and world English Literature...... nurul.
Emily Dickinson knew the art of image married to message. She should be read in a secluded place in your house and your heart.
]You can write here and nothing shows up
What a piece of genius from Miss Emily.
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