(13 May 1977 / Swabi)

We Pray For You

We pray for you
To play and cry
As always as sun shines
We pray for you
To bring and trace
The charm that adores
Life and dreams of hope
We pray for you
To be blessed
With joys immortal
With fragrance of happiness
May grieves not come
In your journey to life
We pray for you
Hopes may not leave
Your passionate heart
Truth may strengthen
Your zest in faith
You live like rose
That blossom for ever
We pray for you
Loneliness may not hurt
Your innocent soul
Your life may not see
Autumns of deserted hopes
And tortured spirits
We pray for you
To see you blossom
Hatred may not spoil
Your innocence of soul
Dust may not eat
Your fresh and clean blood
We pray for you
You may get any love
That enlightens your heart
That extends your joys
To the horizon and beyond
We pray for you
To be messenger of hope
To bring happiness to world
We pray for you
We always pray for you

by Abdul Sattar

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I like this poem, very touching and moving!