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We Pray To Thee
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We Pray To Thee

Poem By Kamaru Zzaman

O, the birds of the sky
O, forest-dwelling sage of the north
Give us wisdom, give us the knowledge of the breadth of the sky
We will chase the depth of the ocean with our shadows falling back
We have never sucked the honey-comb
We have never kissed the feet of withering rays of the twilight
Give us a chance to feel the chill of death before life
Together we we will dance to the tune of satanic verses
Before praying on our last pyre.

O, the charisma of the old world
O, the saviours of the retracting sun
The light is still burning the surrounding darkness
When the apocalypse will be revealed to all
When the Magus of the East will burn the fire of wisdom
We are the smaller beings of God's forsaken children
We will again be reborn at His behest.

We pray to Thee with folded arms, O the Omniscient
We will see the face of our destiny
When there will be no more sighs of silence
And no more whispers of violence
Together we will spread our wings beyond the yonder sky.

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