SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

*we'Re All The Same...

It was a day like all others.
Yet, one I wont forget and
when I looked at her
I noticed though beautiful
that she was also normal.
She walked and talked,
laughed and shouted,
when someone surprised her
she even looked astounded.
When she woke in the morn
she had sleep in her eyes,
she held the night on her breath,
while last nights meal and regrets
showed on her thighs.
It was then that I realized
that even the movie stars
singers and sports figures
famous as they were or are,
fuss and worry shedding tears
when stressed or grow weary.
We all have blood that pumps,
dreams that long to be lived,
nightmares we run from...
and just so many minutes
God allots us left to live.
So, if you ever question
the differences of men, woman...
and children, famous or not,
please know in your hearts that we
are all the same inside...and that
when we cut ourselves
we all bleed red blood.

Written on February 24th 2008.

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Excellent composition my friend! A writer once wrote 'the wealthy are different than you and I, they have money.' Thanks.........
Amen Shelley....haven't seen your name in awhile course...I'm not that active here either...good to see your wise and wonderful words: O)