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We'Re Made Of Stars
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We'Re Made Of Stars

Jim Morrison
He had an IQ of 149
Defied the law of gravity
Arrested for “lewd and obscene performance”
Girls wanted to marry him
Guys wanted to idolize him.

A great poet
An original lyricist
A successful musician
Quoted William Blake
Studied Nostradamus
He died at 27.

Michael Hutchence
He died alone
Was 37 when
He hanged himself in his hotel room
In 1997.

An outstanding individual
He had it all
Touched many souls
With his brilliant music.

So why did he
Ended the good journey?
He was seen laughing
And having a blast
The night before
He took his life
No signs of depression.

I’m scared, I’m scared
I’m one of these people
I think too hard
I question too much
And answers don’t satisfy me.

Everyday I pray
I won’t go crazy
Or explode without warnings
I guess my theory’s proven right
“What you see is never what you get”

You may see me laughing
So hard till I wet my pants
Or dancing at a party
Grooving till the break of dawn
Doing what I can
To fit in
To forget my sorrows.

But the truth is
I can laugh and cry
At the same time
I hope I’ll have many more years
Before I cease

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Comments (3)

we are star stuff but all stars fall , so do we
Not being born is a choice we are not allowed to make. We can choose not to create another who will have to suffer as we do today, every day. Life is existence and existence is pain. I am a fan of Michael Hutchence (Jim Morrison too) . That’s how I found your poem... Take care of YOU, let the rest be, as it will be as is...
Maybe instead of being made of stars, we are made of tears.