TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

We Really Need The Light

Lets fuse the world into one community
Where we'll have immunity
From death and be able
to take advantage of every opportunity
I know this is far off
and many start killing because
they know that people aren't doing enough
Cancel this remission
of our life's mission
to be one that is self-involved
because problems are not solved
Especially when selfishness
is the only thing seen by this witness
How can we change our course
How can we divorce from out current philosophy
Gold is not the true trophy
A trophy is an award given because of hard work
so let it be known that you haven't won anything
This war on terror is devastating
and it is not accomplishing anything
Step back relax and take another look
but I bet there will be no new plan it is just a hook
so that we take the bait and think that you care
but really you have nothing new to share
Look at Fox News it doesn't fool me
It can't convince me
that this war is worth fighting
I'm the newly placed canned light
here to give you new lighting
Bring the light to the darkness
that is cast upon us like the hand of Satan
Be gone you false entity that claims to be a leader
You lead us into darkness when we really need the light

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