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We, Refugees.

Our homes were ruthlessly ransacked.
Our souls were stabbed in the back.
Our children were denied school.
Our country turned into a battlefield
For mercenaries, for madmen of all sorts and origins.
Compelled to leave under merciless menace
Nowhere on earth were we to find solace;
Rejected, most despised, most feared,
We were made responsible for this our smeared
Non existence.
We were to be made invisible like stray animals.
We were to feed on grass, insects, toads, snakes,
Drink red stale waters like our stained blood.
We were made sick, tired, despairing of humanity.
We were to keep erring from land to land under universal absurdity.
Our torturers proclaimed themselves victims;
Living in luxurious palaces, feeding on meat,
Freshly slaughtered meat, sliced into pieces
By tanks and war planes dropping death on naked bodies
Of innocent elders and newly born babes.
And the world, the rest of the world, numbed by so many wars
Stared at the dead and the mutilated amongst us, emotionless.
As if watching a movie they know will end soon;
The good guys winning the battle over the villains.
Caring not the least for the enormously inhuman human loss.
Caring the least for us the displaced people who seek refuge from atrocities perpetrated in the name of Democracy.
And the Rulers of this world fearing for their security
Give orders to shut off borders
In complete discordance with assistance to persons in danger.
What they should know is this:
We, Refugees, refuse charity.
We, Refugees, refuse loss of identity.
We, Refugees, want help for the sake of human brotherhood
To get us through these inhuman hardships.
We, Refugees, want our homes back, our relatives back,
Our friends back, our memories back, our history back.
We, Refugees, long for our olive trees,
Long for the smell of dust under our bare feet.
We, Refugees, long for the songs of birds who are our brothers in errancy.
We, Refugees, refuse charity.
We, Refugees, like all, want to live our full life with human dignity.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Is this asking too much?

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