We Refugees

I come from a musical place
Where they shoot me for my song
And my brother has been tortured
By my brother in my land.

by Benjamin Zephaniah Click to read full poem

Comments about We Refugees

Khairul Ahsan 26 Sep 12:21
'We can all be refugees Nobody is safe, All it takes is a mad leader Or no rain to bring forth food' - 'Mad Leaders' are more responsible for creating refugees than the freaks of nature.
Dr Tony Brahmin 25 Sep 08:58
I come from a musical place Where they shoot me for my song And my brother has been tortured By my brother in my land. terrible and inhuman facts of life. tony
Lyn Paul 25 Sep 05:47
Your words are heartfelt. Many of the human race should be ashamed. May the world wake up and see the value of life.
L Milton Hankins 25 Sep 12:45
A wonderful poem of some sadness that most of us will never know. Benjamin does and expresses it beautifully.
Edward Kofi Louis 25 Sep 08:20
Refugees around the world! ! ! Ways of mankind on earth. Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Ellen Ni Bheachain 25 Sep 07:37
Very insightful poem. Brings you into the refugee and how it can happen to anyone. Thank you.
Mahtab Bangalee 25 Sep 07:06
We can all be refugees We can all be told to go, We can be hated by someone For being someone....greatest writings; situation in favor of you today; maybe tomorrow it will come in favor of us; so do not hate each other; together we live together we die everywhere every time- that's peace at all
Deluke Muwanigwa 25 Sep 06:46
I joke all are welcome provided you know i am here
Deluke Muwanigwa 25 Sep 06:45
Excellent. Very true. I come from a place A place for the black race I check the colour your face Not black your life i trace I come from a place i call home You are not welcome if you re from Rome
Dr Tony Brahmin 13 Apr 04:18
I am told I have no country now I am told I am a lie I am told that modern history books May forget my name. the pain and sufferings of the Refugees. tony
pop pop 25 Feb 12:47
8 verses long but tells a story
Monica Pietropaolo 25 Feb 10:04
Such a brilliant piece of writing , really moving, it certainly stirs our souls
alexa 23 Feb 05:08
wow thats intresting
Coriron Coriron 08 Nov 2019 12:03
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saraha 08 Nov 2019 01:42
what is the allusion in this poem
Mahtab Bangalee 23 Sep 2019 10:58
We can all be refugees Nobody is safe, .../// wonderful expression this is the world on this earth we the simple, poor peoples all the refugees no right their -for any country -for any living place -for surviving good food -for education or medical treatment they are superpower they are political gambler they can entitle them as aristocratic and elite and for the poor refugees they can select - uncivilized, savage.............///
Dr Tony Brahmin 22 Jun 2019 01:32
I come from a beautiful place Where they hate my shade of skin They don't like the way I pray And they ban free poetry.. very good poem pointing to the social injustices which a poet suffers in a christian world where they speak of equality. tony
Ratnakar Mandlik 17 May 2019 08:24
A great poem narrating the plight of oppressed refugees moving from place to place as nomads.
Brian Taylor 16 Mar 2019 11:59
This is a dope poem. I like the poem and it is very well written.
Benzbingay 17 Oct 2018 08:33
Homosexual you in your big black hole you refugee :)