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We Shall Be Again
WD (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

We Shall Be Again

Poem By Wesongah David

I know all about the feeling,
That coming to a close is gloom,
But by Jove I shall return,
To walk the naked streets again,
Sweat in the glaring cold,
And smile in the shuddering sun.
I shall return to watch you laugh,
And be a part of the laughter,
Stand close to you in the sullen traffic,
Straining to hear you just again,
And be a worthy companion.
Then we shall be again,
To lie next to each other in understanding,
In the hush green fields by,
Watched over by immortals.
To wash our feet in the clear streams,
And drink from each other's lips!
Because we shall be again,
Hearts bleeding in unison,
Star-crossed by the apothecaries herbs,
That we forever will always be-Again,
In perfect understanding of the smiles,
Shrouded in a dark secret cloud of smoke,
In perfect mutual appreciation of nature, and art,
For never to see the homeliness of being lonely.
When I shall have returned,
Together to share the joys and the pains,
Peace be art thou peace!
To wipe off your tears,
And peck at your lips- again.

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this is great! I love the images here