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We Should Be Talking To Each Other

You can tell me your troubles
Give life to your thought bubbles
Let's have two more doubles
Because we're free

You can voice your issues
You might need a box of tissues
Let me walk in your shoes
I want to see

I won't let you fail
You're not going to derail
Tell me every detail
What did you have for your tea?

Let's contraverse
It could be much worse
I won't judge or be terse
There'll be no jerk of the knee

We could make some progress
Even bizarrely digress
Maybe find more happiness
That's a fine place to be

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Comments (4)

What a nice poem....I really, really enjoyed it! It's just such a nice, easy going way to approach someone...tres cool! Hugs, Dee
I thought this might cause a problem - The evening meal eaten by the Northern English (and other) working class communities is 'tea'. Hope this helps! Ez.
A good listener is a true friend. I thought the line 'What did you have for your tea? ' a bit odd. You're offering a cup of tea, not wondering if they drank something funny, right? Still, nice message here. -chuck
I love this Ez - very original, lovely sentiment, great rhyme scheme. Sharing yourself with someone else - making that connection, being who you are and not who others want you to be....nice work Ez...very nice...Justine