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We Stand Facing At Two Ends Of A Field
ACA Annie Cordelia Adams (14 August 1991 / Birmingham)

We Stand Facing At Two Ends Of A Field

We Stand unlike acquaintances
Across the field, in mere view
The grey, overcast world is new
I sit at my desk, writing you

I peer out the frosted white window
And see the rain afar, across the field
Behind the tree you lean concealed
My heart is at a height i cannot know

I leave my body for a different view
to see the ground underneath
my feet won't touch the ground
my ears don't hear a sound

the rain stops, the wind stops
the frosted window opens
and there i float above the clouds
into the open air, in the light of the sun

i am lifted to, and my hands reach out
the sun is so bright i cannot shout
and it warms my very spirit
like an eagle from its eyrie i dive about

Hero! save my proud existence from its fall
If i could even speak at all
I'd ask you to break this wall
as we stand facing at two ends of a field

my heart is twisting, wreathed with joy
never thoughts of moving
for i only want to look at you
from the other side of that wall

i stand in the mud six inches deep
and a rainbow through the mist is formed
all is a tranquil freeze at noon
as the sun whispers, silently unrevealed

i've still not moved for two days hence
our world a narration plot of wonder
yet ended by the twenty and four miles
that lay between us tomorrow and forever

i stand in the mud six inches deep
and what events should ever take place
i'll hold them in my heart like a broken glass
a menagerie of collected memories of your love

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