(03/16/90 / Seoul)

We Still

We still can make it through this,
We would have our moments,
We would have fights,
We still always love each other,
Always argue over the smallest things,
Never to stop to think that I would lose you,
Lose you over a rumor that was started by my ex best friend,
I never knew the truth behind those brown eyes, dirty blonde hair of yours,
The truth was I was falling in love with you,
We still can make up but now its too late cause you have moved on,
But my heart, my mind, my soul hasn’t moved on,
Never stop to think about you from all the fun memories of you,
It feels like you are here helping me out through my toughest time but your not I have or need to move on cause you are gone forever and I know that you’ll never ever come back.

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