! We The Unforgiving

and we’ll never quite forgive our parents
for being our parents

and we’ll never never forgive that one
we thought our best friend
for stopping being our friend without
an explanation or anything

and we’ll never ever forgive our first lover
our first for heaven’s sake
for dumping us and ruining our whole life

and we'll never quite forgive -
no, let's not go there; that's
too close to home...

and we’ll never forgive God for,
oh everything, if we knew
how to not forgive God

and secretly we’ll never forgive ourselves
for all the things we wish we hadn’t done
although of course we deserve to be forgiven
for it wasn’t really our fault was it..

how could we forgive ourselves, when there’s that
that dark figure lurking behind us saying
don’t you dare forgive yourself,
you ungrateful little…

and if you forgave everyone, you wouldn’t
know who you were… it’s not
as easy as that, oh no

oh yes it is. oh yes it is.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

Michael, this is a pure joy to read. There is an almost prayer quality to it. It could be seen as that, thus making us look at a form that is normally disregarded in poetry. The theme speaks of acceptence, yet this is such a delightful poem to meditate on. Thanks mate!
Oh yes it is indeed. I learned to forgive absolutely everyone for absolutely everything with two exceptions; Thatcher, and another to remain nameless. And boy am I happier for it. Serenely and eloquently expressed piece of truth as always M for which thank you. t x