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Abstracted in the face of sewage at street-tea shop Today
Tea Tumbler hand look at thee, dreamed.
You never sating TSC against the wall.
Do not put the paper on top of the grass and laid thee;
Street Patty badly-sad face.
You do a little ground, not adolescent.
What happened today said? From the sky
Eli back to our beloved informal dirty sheets?

Shahbagh Islands cloudy looking like
into the Himalayas in the chest;
sweet street-girl e of your hand washed rose-bucket
Thee so common, most common Ever Dreamed
Happiness is your happiness is what I saw today sorrow-face
Tomorrow at noon, when the hot sun overhead thee alone
I shall Ferris wooden umbrella,
You know now remembered not tell.
You know right now, sunny rain stop
than the whole army of secret wooden umbrella
Actually the most trusted of own umbrella.

7 03 14.10: 30 pm

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