BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

We Truly Need The Light

With this world around us becoming darker we truly need The Light,
Too many people struggle in the darkness hindered by limited sight.
The sun illuminates our life on earth guiding us into day from night,
But The Morning Star will shine forever while being eternally bright.

The moon will soon darken and the sun won't have its light to send,
However, from His throne in Heaven Christ's Light shall never end.
Today in this darker world His Light is desperately needed my friend,
But just like His own, He's the light that many men can't comprehend.

In the annals of time you do see conflict throughout history's pages,
Wherever righteousness takes a stand, wickedness unceasingly rages.
All involved shall be accountable as sin must indeed pay its wages,
But God has been a rock for the righteous down through all the ages.

With the worlds darkness all around us we need the Light of His Love,
And we need His Mercy to surround us with His guidance from above.
When confronted by the enemy and the proverbial push come to shove,
God answers with the perfect solution that fits like a hand in glove.

Perfect truth comes from our sustainer, the Lord God of all creation,
And He sent to us the perfect prophet with His ultimate revelation.
Rejected by His own that day, today His message is to every nation,
And to all who believe His message He offers God's gift of Salvation.

by Bob Gotti

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