(25th March 1943 / )

We'Ve Got It Sussed!

Out in our boat,
lazily afloat,
Drifting along,
current so strong.
Gently proceeding,
and constantly feeding,
Tributaries which diverge,
and eventually merge
Together with each other,
and thus discover,
Other streams joining too,
some fairly new,
And some old and wide,
which then divide,
To form many more,
so that, therefore,
When we go afloat,
in our boat,
There's a crazy maze,
of many ways,
We can decide to travel,
and moreover unravel,
Fresh scenic routes,
which really suits,
Our sheer wanderlust.
We've got it sussed! .

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (4)

I could picture a very special place from my teenage years called 'The Biss Mouth'a wide opening in river that was surrounded by trees and life and sunshine.Absolutely beautiful.Thankyou for this warm feeling again.Love Duncan
Charming poem. It has music as well as meaning. warmest regards, Sandra
Beautiful Ernestine! ! I love it too! ! What fool rated it one? ! 10 from me, Moyaxx
I love the short lines here Ernestine! Sounds very romantic.............. Sincerely, mary