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We Were Born Free
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We Were Born Free

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

We are born free, And our minds grow caged
But we must agree, If we are to be free.
And if we are to be caged, what more could they do?
We discovered this world. Me, and you.
We made the colors that washed away the dark.
We shouted things that they never forgot.
When we were born free, and our minds grew caged
We did not agree, for that, that made us free.
We banished the devils into the night
We smoked and drank in order to see the light
And yes, we lost our minds, and I lost my mind
But we gave up our wings and sight,
So that we, you and I, would not be blind
We, yes we, were born free, before our minds were made a cage
And they made us agree and said obedience made us free
But if our minds are caged, what can we do?
Can we kill or yell and change, me and maybe you?
They don’t need to come any more
We cannot run away, because we have our cage
We fought and killed and yelled, but our bodies grow sore
And the freedom is gone, they call it age
But, we are born free, and our minds grow caged
And they call it age
And they agree, and they have no view
But we were born free, me and maybe you.

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