We Will Begin To Put An End To Our Cravings

For decades we have been lied to.
And for a consciousness that is absent...
This disrespect gains our affection!
It has to be witnessed to be believed...
There is an acceptance of decadence,
Seen publicly on urban streets.

Selected diseased minds squeezing life from the poor.
Bigotry displayed like trees.
As trash is poured from our suburban doors!
We all are as guilty as the restrictive fences.
To mask the defenses planned...
Shielding the onslaught of offenses.

And keeping hidden manipulation tactics!
While most of us teach our children,
To cheat to obtain college degrees.
'We are better than 'them'...
Whoever they are,
Placed on the enemy list...
Whenever 'whomever' sees that fit! '
We are equipped with fortified delusion.

And at these prices...
Look for someone rich,
To hook up with as well.
Skip a few classes,
If in school to progress.
And concentrate on getting laid!

And when that has played out and gone...
Move on!
Learn to do that first.
If you meet someone Black?
And they take out weed from their backpack...
Try to find a dope connection!
Then split if you have to.

'We' can do this!
And together...
With a unity like none ever known...
We will begin to put an end,
To our cravings that once again can thrive!
With munchies by our side.

'We' can do this!
We can keep that hope alive,
To 'earmark' and demand.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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