We Will Never Get Along....

Poem By Meg's Poems

How I wish you could understand what I feel for you,
I loved you more than anyone could,
My love for you was always true,
Yet to see you happy in silence I stood!

When I was trying to make things work out,
Trying to keep myself calm,
You said our relation needs a breakout,
Your words to me did a lot harm!

Trusting you again was really hard,
And correct you proved me wrong,
I ended up crying in my backyard,
Now I am sure we will never get along!

Comments about We Will Never Get Along....

great poem.i like it :)
thanks..! :) yeah i will surely read your poems too..! :)
Great poem...keep writing...lovely.... :) I want you to read my poem Pain of heart...do comment/criticism....
thanks a lot Siyabonga a Nxumalo! these words are teaching me to be strong..! need to learn to move on also..! ll succeed in it soon..! :)
Great poem, well expressed and well penned.....hardships makes us stronger, prepare us for rainny days to come..some things are just not meant be, you need to learn to let go and forgive and forget...anyone who can't see your beauty and goodness is blind, im sure you dont wana waste your time with good-4-nothing guy.....keep writing..

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