We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them

We remember our forefathers and family,

The heroes and the brave,

Who went to war to fight for our futures,

And their own lives they gave.

Many put onto small boats,

To make it easier to land,

But they were killed by snipers,

Before they could feel the sand.

With barbed wire fences unreeled,

Mortar bombs hitting the ground,

The explosions and screams of terror,

Coming from those all around.

They battled through water, towns and fields,

Many had to then build a trench,

Some living months with their fallen comrades,

Smells of decomposition and toilet stench.

Many battled through without malice,

After seeing loved ones killed or maimed,

So we will stand to salute them all today,

And for all who were named.

For those who fought beside them,

Standing there so proud,

' We will remember them '

We will all say out loud!

Written by David Boyce
10 November 2014

Copyright DavidBoyce©2014

by David Boyce

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Yes we will definitely remember our forefathers and families due to their contribution towards us. Very nice poem shared on. Marvellous one.