We Will Survive

A country as rich as ours,
must stand guard as we pray.
For there are those who would love,
to take that freedom away.

by Melvina Germain Click to read full poem

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this is soooo true! it is w/ God's saving grace that we are able to be alive
Great write. With God there is hope. Enjoyed reading.
I bet Gloria Gaynor would wish she had written this insightful, uplifting piece - when she had finished the more selfish approach. Grand work. t x
I love the way you present your piece, melvina. It is worth reading, because our Lord deserves our praise, and be glorified. Once again, you have continued what we were starting, to build a world of peace, thankfullness and love through our pens.
Faith in what is right, can stand against what seems like overwhelming might...10
No truer words said here Mel. A box of wisdom here. Top Marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Living with fear is just daily life now and all we can do is hope for peace, at least in our own hearts and souls so that we are prepared....I hope to God for our children and their children's sake we can continue to capture these demented terrorists....They won't stop till they wipe out all of the US and apparenty England, Scotland as well, so we can't stop defending ourselves 'till they are all gone....They think we can't survive, we are doing our best to prove them wrong...This is an uplifting poem...I had no idea it was also affecting your homeland....God protect us all. ~~~marci.xo. :)
very very true......Truth in poetic spread....Let this good thought spread! ! !
Melvina - Very relevant. The truth succinctly enscapulated.